Collection: Trees

How to capture the intimate soul of a tree, a living being in all respects, with its strength and its ailments, its flashes and its contortions? It seems motionless, fake, literally stuck in the ground but the moment you get close you almost catch its breath: put your hands on its skin (the bark) and it seems to move, react to the touch. Bring the body closer and raising your eyes upwards the sensation of being looked at in turn is strong, tangible, at times disturbing, the suspicious gaze of an elderly giant who sees a tiny being approaching who thinks he knows many things about life but who doesn't even imagine what we're talking about... One thinks of the vulnerability that can derive from not being able to move, from potentially becoming a target that cannot help but avoid any ax blows but, after all, we are so flexible in our freedom to escape are we less vulnerable? The tree seems to speak to you from its height and age, it whispers to you to move together with the wind but to remain firm on your roots: right or wrong they always constitute your basis, the starting point from which to then produce your growth and your evolution, giving shape and size to your branches.